Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Worm Chipmunk Turns!

The Prime Minister is facing a cabinet in revolt after Hazel Blears and other senior figures took a defiant stand against moves to shift or demote them in his next reshuffle.
That’s the drawback with being a domineering bully – you may stay at the top for a while through those methods, but soon circumstances change, and the people you trampled on to get where you are start eyeing your position hungrily.
The Communities Secretary launched a public relations offensive to save her job after Mr Brown condemned her expenses claims as ' completely unacceptable'.

Mr Brown toughened his stance against Miss Blears yesterday amid claims that he was trying to force her to resign
But Gordon, as ever, fumbled the killing shot and the wounded quarry turned on him with a ferocity he didn’t expect, and had no defence for:
But after she made fierce complaints, the Prime Minister was forced to send out his official spokesman to say that she was doing a 'good job' and insist that she had broken neither Commons rules or the law.
Ooooh, pwned!
She quickly leapt on that admission, proclaiming to the TV cameras that Mr Brown had 'full confidence' in her and inflated his praise to 'great job'.
Which is something you don’t dare to do to a strong PM.

So, yet another sign that Gordon’s doomed…
Friends of Miss Blears made clear that she is prepared to embarrass Mr Brown if she is ill treated.

'She knows where the bodies are buried, that's certainly true,' one said. 'She is not going to quit because the criticism has been unfair.
A senior Labour figure said: 'You can't plan a reshuffle around those who have transgressed on their expenses because that would quickly involve a whole lot of people.' Mr Darling is also resisting any attempt to move him amid Whitehall talk that the PM would like to replace him with his most trusted ally Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary.
Oh, this is going to get bloody!
A source warned that Mr Brown might find several cabinet ministers prepared to wreck his reshuffle rather than accept a demotion or sideways move.

'Gordon is going to find that playing Fantasy Cabinet on the back of an envelope won't make it happen
Surely it’s time for that glass of whisky and loaded revolver in the drawing room now?

On second thought, he’d only miss again….


Macheath said...

In the immortal words of Kenneth Williams' Caesar,
'Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it infamy!'

Gordon, I'd stay well away from Thatcher's statue in the Members Lobby, if I were you.

Letters From A Tory said...

Geoff Hoon did almost exactly the same thing as Blears but hasn't paid any money back, so he must be cacking his pants. Darling may well get moved from the Treasury as well, to bring in Balls or Johnson.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I'm sure Geoff Hoon was in trouble for something else a year or so ago, was it illicit donations or something?

Ross said...

"Friends of Miss Blears made clear that she is prepared to embarrass Mr Brown if she is ill treated. ".

Seeing as he isn't embarrassed by wrecking the British economy, I think Gordon has a high threshold for embarrassment.