Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Yeah, That's A Big Ask, Tom...

From the inimitable 'Daily Mash':
Tom Logan, a deeply concerned citizen from Hatfield, said: "The absolute last thing this country needs - and I cannot stress this strongly enough - is my next door neighbour being involved in any form of decision making whatsoever. People will die."

He added: "I don't want power. I've already got a job which takes up quite a lot of my time and then it's the weekend. This is what politicians are for.

"All we really need to do is to make sure those politicians have a mind of their own, have had a proper job at some point in their lives and, you know, aren't thieves."
Are you listening, Julie Kirkbride?


North Northwester said...

If I may refer to myself for a moment - and I know that that's pretty much the definition of a political blogger, by the way - :

"Enforce the laws. Keep the peace. Protect the weak. Uphold property. Defend the realm. Administer justice. Issue currency. Secure the borders. Punish criminals. Ally with powerful friends. Educate the children. Preserve the constitution.
It's not rocket science."

Also I'm not a huge fan of Catalans tonight, but hey, on a scale from one to 'We're going to let Labour steal all your money and sell your children into debt slavery while we claim generous and unaudited expenses' I don't suppose it's all that bad.

Plus, I'd like to see Guido handle..well, er, anything awful at all.Obviously, good job with Derek Draper, but at $10.90 advertising revenue after three whole months a boy can dream.

Every man has his limits.

PLUS: free beer over at my blog.
Right now.

Did you see what I did there?

Just like a Tory MP, really..

JuliaM said...


According to this morning's 'Times', Kirkbride hasn't learned that when in a hole, one should stop digging: "Julie Kirkbride began a desperate fight for her job, warning that criticism of the way that she had used her family might deter other mothers from standing for Parliament. "

If they are as greedy and unprincipled about filling their boots as you are, Julie, that can only be a good thing...

North Northwester said...

Yeah - not only does she look like a sandal-wearing cyclist Green Liberal, but she acts like one too: the modern woman wanting it all: husband, family, career in the Commons, flippable houses...

But she's learned only too well how difficult it is to juggle home, work, fraudulent expenses claims and rubber-stamping EU diktats as they whiz from Strasbourg to the statute books in 24 hours...

Pity, really. Mrs Thatcher didn't seem to have those problems.