Thursday, 14 May 2009

Eight Pointless Things

Been tagged by Obo, so here are three pointless things for your delectation:

1. I'm so anally retentive, I alphabetised all my DVDs, and put the films with numbers in the title (2010, 300...) at the start. In numerical order.

2. I'll drink any vile alcoholic concoction on sale, even Baileys and Babycham. But not Campari.

3. My first ever car, straight after passing my test (first time! Hah!) was a Jaguar saloon. The insurance companies loved me.

4. I bought three packs of plants in Tescos a month ago - chillis, peppers, and tomatoes. The tomatoes all died within a week..

5. I'm having sea bass for dinner tonight.

6. I'm currently reading the latest Jim Butcher 'Dresden' novel.

7. I really, really need to clean out my fish tank this weekend.

8. I've currently got 14 browser windows open.

In return, I tag Vetnurse, Macheath and Patently.


Rob Farrington said...

Ever tried drinking Diamond White mixed with Carlsberg Special Brew?

Never again. In the future I'm sticking to the meths and the Toilet Duck...

JuliaM said...


Edwin Greenwood said...

As of this writing, I am sipping at a pint of Sagres, a surprisingly drinkable™ Portuguese cooking lager, while manfully resisting the ministrations of delightful young Chinee lady who is keen to sell me a selection velly cheap bootreg DVDs.

Don't tell the Real Ale Taliban though; I will probably have my CAMRA membership card ritually torn up.

I can heartily recommend Long Island Iced Tea, a refreshing but powerful cocktail which allows a respectable period of clear-headed enjoyment before it exacts its revenge.

Von Spreuth. said...

Rob Farrington said...

Ever tried drinking Diamond White mixed with Carlsberg Special Brew?
Ever tried it with Buckfast added?

Ay Laddie, I lived on a Mid Scotland housing scheme, and had some STRANGE "friends".

Oh, there was about two weights of hash doing the round of ten people as well.

Add a PS...1 at the time, and we were not to be seen for....well till the rizzlas ran out.

I LOVE Scotland.I seem to remember.

Von Brandenburg-Preußen.

Dr Melvin T Gray said...

Your list is tolerable, Julia. The descending scale of futility terminates in criticism of police.