Saturday, 23 May 2009

Oh, Shut Up, You Idiots!


The last week was great - the BNP, as is their wont, embarassed themselves over the staged pictures on their 'British people' leaflets, yet another picture slip-up and the intellectual qualities of their candidates.

Life was good. I've always said, give them enough airplay, and they will inevitably shoot themselves in the foot

And now, their political opponents are rushing to the scene with a plastic surgeon and a stack of bandages and painkillers:
Darren Johnson, chairman of the London Assembly, has demanded the withdrawal of an invitation to Richard Barnbrook, the Assembly's BNP member, unless he agrees not to take Mr Griffin as his guest.

The move was prompted by a letter from Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, who urged the London Assembly to bar Mr Griffin to prevent any embarrassment to the Queen. Mr Johnson has asked Leo Boland, the chief executive of the Greater London Assembly, to cancel the invitation unless Mr Griffin is dropped.
Well done, Darren and Boris. You threw the BNP into that there briar patch, didn't you?

And now, a lot of people who were wavering after seeing their antics last week are going to be thinking 'Well, hang on a minute there. If they are doing nothing wrong, why should they be persecuted?'. And they will be right.

It's often said that the UK is a nation of animal lovers. You know their favourite animal?

It's the underdog. And you can always count on the British sense of 'fair play' - the notion that is someone is not playing by the rules laid down for all to use, simply out of dislike for another party, then that automatically puts the other party in the 'right', and deserving of support. The notion of fair play, if you will. Beat them fair and square, don't bend the rules, and never cheat.

The BNP must be laughing themselves hoarse right now...


Anonymous said...

But in the letter, GLA deputy chief executive Jeff Jacobs warned the far-right politician to change his controversial guest or face having his nomination for the event "reviewed".

He also asked Mr Barnbrook to stop exploiting the situation for "publicity".


JuliaM said...


Who's handing them the publicity, then, Mr Jacobs?

Oh. Right. It's you, isn't it, you enormous cretin!