Friday, 22 May 2009

Lady, 'Stand By Your Man' Is Just A Song, Not An Instruction...

Following on from yesterday's Rolls Royce/Tesco interface incident, the man's wife denies that he drove it through the window because of something as trivial as being refused alcohol.

It was because they failed to deliver his mattress:
Robert Caton, 50, went to the supermarket to remonstrate with managers after he ordered the bed from Tesco Direct, his wife Deborah, 43, said.

She claimed he was unhappy with their response and that he then drove his car through the store's window, forcing shoppers and staff to dive for cover.
Oh. Well, that's perfectly understandable then!

Whew! And we all initially chalked it up to a silly reaction to being denied more booze. Well, how were we to know he had a legitimate reason...?
Mrs Caton, who has a son, said: "I am standing by Robert - he had a genuine complaint with Tesco.

"We had ordered a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a double bed from Tesco Direct but when they delivered the bed it did not include a mattress which we thought we had paid for.

"Robert went down to see the manager but he said there was nothing he could do about it."
And what's a man supposed to do in those circumstances, but drive a two ton luxury automobile through the store window? It's clearly the only reasonable thing to do.

Are they putting something in the water in Andover?

And if not, should they maybe consider it?


North Northwester said...

Damn! but that salad was past its sell-by date.Better take the Corsa down to Sainsbury's I suppose.

Oh, and the seedy loaf was dry. Better take the self loading rifle, too.

Angry Exile said...

Are they putting something in the water in Andover?Dunno, but I heard banjo sales were up.