Friday, 15 May 2009

Learning Support Assistant Needs Some Learning Support...

...or an almighty whack round the head with a large 2x4 of dense-grain wood:
A learning support assistant broke down in court as she told a jury how she watched a head teacher intimately examine a four-year-old female pupil.
Note that word - 'watched'.
Ms Stone said in the days after the incident she tried to contact Pembrokeshire council but it said there was no record of her call.
Note those words - 'in the days after'.

Not 'immediately after'. Or 'instantly, while maintaining a firm grip on the scumbag's throat balls with my non-dialling hand'.
She said Mr Thorley took the child's trousers off before beginning the examination.

"I nearly said I'm not happy with what you're doing. If that had happened now I would have done that," she said.

She said at the end of the examination the child asked her: "Miss Amelia, have I been naughty?"

"I felt crushed, this has gone against everything I stood by," she added.
I'm sorry...? You didn't know this was suspect behaviour then, but you do now?

Just what is it you 'stand for', then, other than abject stupidity and unthinking obedience?
Ms Stone said that in the days after the incident she had tried to contact Pembrokeshire council to talk about a child protection issue.

She said she spoke to someone "who didn't know what they were talking about."

She said she left her name and number, but not the name of the school. No-one, she said, called her back.
Jesus wept! Did it not occur to you to go to the police? To the child's parents?
A few days later Ms Stone told the jury she was called into Mr Thorley's office.

She said he told her that it was his role as head teacher to decide whether to refer children and families to social services and that the examination had been in response to that.

She described the meeting as "very intimidating."
I wonder how 'intimidating' he'd have been if you showed up to that meeting with two burly cops in tow? Not much, I'd suspect.

But then again, who knows, if this alleged incident is anything to go by:
Swansea Crown Court heard that married David Thorley, 57, of Carmarthen, once pulled down the trousers and underwear of a young girl in a meeting at which police officers and social workers were present.

It is claimed that the girl had been sitting on his lap during the meeting to discuss her future and he undressed her to show bruises allegedly inflicted at home.
The mind boggles...


Stan said...

Jeez - that is disgusting and terrifying. Disgusting that someone could behave that way so openly in front of others and terrifying that they didn't do anything about it.

I'm appalled.

Rob said...

"I felt crushed, this has gone against everything I stood by"

I think she meant "stood for", or presumably "stand by", unless she has "moved on".

She did indeed "stand by". Freudian slip!

JuliaM said...

"...terrifying that they didn't do anything about it."

She seems to have made a half-hearted attempt after the event, or at least, she now says she did. What was wrong with saying 'Stop, that's wrong' at the time though?

That is, after all, what we try to teach children to do, isn't it?

"She did indeed "stand by". Freudian slip!"

Heh! Indeed...