Thursday, 28 May 2009

On Reflection, He Probably Shouldn’t Have Gone With The ‘You Are All Too Stupid To Understand!’ Defence…

…but then, arrogance and an overwhelming (and unjustified) belief in his own ability was always his hallmark:
The controversial paediatrician David Southall was condemned by the High Court yesterday for his "truly shocking" and unjustified accusations that a mother drugged and murdered her son. The scathing criticism came as Mr Justice Blake, sitting in London, upheld a decision of the General Medical Council's (GMC) fitness to practise panel to strike Dr Southall off the medical register for serious professional misconduct.
Good riddance…
Dr Southall's lawyers argued at the High Court that the panel failed to give any or adequate weight to inconsistencies in Mrs M's evidence, and to the totality of evidence from witnesses, including social workers.

They argued that it was Dr Southall's concern that the panel "did not understand, certainly in its final form, what child protection involved and the part played by doctors like him".
Wow, the megalomania just shines through, doesn’t it?

And predictably, his amen corner is pitching the expected hissy fit over the ruling:
The court's ruling against him triggered a warning from Professionals Against Child Abuse (Paca) that the case's outcome could have "further serious and negative effects" on the willingness of doctors to engage in child protection work.
No-one is saying that you can’t bring your professional qualifications to bear on the case and give a considered opinion based on them, and them alone. That is what you are expected, and paid, to do.

They are just pointing out that you can’t make it up as you go along and hurl around accusations based on nothing. At least, without being struck off for it.

I think it might have something to do with the ‘professional’ bit, you know, the one that’s in the very name of your organisation…



Dr Evil said...

Diagnosing anything from a TV interview is asking for trouble.

We've had the same defense from a fair few politicians over the past week too. We are just too stupid to understand their troughing. Well, it's a pantomime so all together...." Oh no we aren't!"

JuliaM said...

In David Southall's case, it was 'He's behind you!' as well... ;)