Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Coming Soon To A Touchline Near You...

Racist abuse during matches would cost football clubs championship points under proposals drawn up by a Football Association working party.

It will recommend that football tribunals be set up to examine allegations of racist and religious abuse and other “off the pitch issues” at matches at all levels of the game.
Eh...? I thought all the progressives went into health and education - are these the few who could kick a ball around a pitch and so were diverted into sports associations?
Parents and spectators at junior league clubs across Britain are among those who face being questioned by local FA tribunals and called to account for any racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic or Islamophobic abuse directed at other parents, players, spectators or referees.
Kangaroo courts for 'thoughtcrime' - a brilliant idea whose time, surely, has come?

And why, you ask, are they doing this? Isn't it the job of the justice system to deal with this kind of thing?
The aim is to eradicate the kind of abuse that falls below the threshold of criminal prosecution but could merit civil disciplinary measures.

Slippery slope, anyone?


Edwin Greenwood said...

Love the picture of a glowering Sol Campbell in a hoodie, illustrating the linked article. Could be half the toerags in Sarf London. Incidentally, why is Ruth Gledhill, of all people, writing this?

I'm nobody's footie expert -- 20 ballerinas prancing round a field trying to trip each other up; give me rugby union every time -- but isn't the reason that Campbell gets stick off the Spurs fans more to do with the fact that they view him as a traitor to the club than with his healthy tan? That and the fact that, as we doctors say, he is completely up his own self-righteous arse. The precise language of the abuse is incidental and opportunistic rather than deliberately "racist".

Plenty of possibility for mischief here, at least for the brave (or foolhardy). Grit your teeth and off down the opposition team's shop for a replica shirt, then turn up at the match and shout racist abuse at your own team.

JuliaM said...

"...isn't the reason that Campbell gets stick off the Spurs fans more to do with the fact that they view him as a traitor to the club than with his healthy tan?"

So a quick perusal of the websites tells me.

But then, when did the progressives ever let reality stand in the way of pushing their agenda?

Von Spreuth said...

Take the I.Q of the ball, divide it by the amount of "fams" and players present, then minus ten. THEN you have the intelligence of your average football fan.

Well, ANY sports fan actualy, but to keep it "on topic" I have taken "football" as an example.

If you went down the local park with your kid/nephew/Grand kid...take your pick) and found twenty men dressed in shorts, chasing each other around the field, and then playing with their balls, you would cover the childs eyes and call the police. But this shower of turd eating, imbicilic pond slime, tosspots get away with it every weekend just because there are cameras there.

Von Brandenburg-Preußen.