Monday 25 July 2011

Well, That Didn’t Take Long!

Supporters of the English Defence League have blamed the Norwegian government’s immigration policies for the attacks that killed at least 93 people, provoking outcry from anti-fascist campaigners who are calling for the EDL to be classified as an extremist group.
So, who is it who’s striking while the iron is hot?

Well, it’ll come as no surprise, frankly:
Nick Lowles, director of anti-extremist campaign group Hope Not Hate, said yesterday that the decision not to classify the EDL as an extremist right-wing group “severely limits the capacity of the police to gather intelligence on the EDL, its members and its activities”.
Really? I think all those football hooligans and environmentalists and UKUncut loons might take issue with that idea.

Or should we ignore them the next time they whinge about excessive police surveillance, on the ground it can’t possibly be true, Nicky?
In response to the Norway attacks, the government has announced that the National Security Council, chaired by David Cameron, will meet today to discuss what lessons Britain can learn from the killings.
Since I rather doubt you’d get permission to own a Ruger Mini 14 semi-automatic rifle in order to go deer hunting, probably not a lot…

Luckily, some of our politicians have their heads screwed on:
When questioned yesterday on whether Britain had focused too much on Islamist terrorism and not enough on right-wing terrorism, the Foreign Secretary William Hague said al-Qa’ida inspired terrorism remained “the single biggest terrorist threat to the United Kingdom and our allies.”
Still, at least (unlike 9/11) no-one’s claiming that the Jews were really behind it all, are th…

Oh. Crap.

The media is scrambling to find ‘experts’ to fill news space. Some more successfully than others:
The problem is that much of the attention in the past has been devoted to the rise of radical Islam.
Errrr, well, yes. Understandably.
But this is not a new issue. Radical elements within the far right have been linked with terrorism since the end of the Second World War and through the past century. Perhaps we should we start learning something from European history.
Well, what a great idea! Clearly, you don’t know what. Or you’d have told us. So, where can we find one of these experts?

Oh. Wait…
The author is a historian at Kingston University, London, and an expert on European fascism and neo-fascism.

Still, trust the ‘Guardian’ to get right out in front and finding someone who was a Facebook ‘friend’ of the killer! What a scoop!
I'm not saying it's wrong to have opinions about immigration, or to protest against the people who really do want Sweden to allow Muslims to have their own courts and laws. I don't think it's right that our borders should be wide open, without any controls – but I utterly reject these reactions. Hatred breeds nothing but hatred.
What about contempt? Is that safer than ‘hatred’? How about exasperation?

Please tell us, sweetie, what emotions are OK, in the eyes of the left? I can’t sleep until I know what I’m permitted to feel…
There are many people like me – Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, and other Europeans – who had this person as a friend on Facebook. I wonder how they feel now.
Probably feel they shouldn’t just accept everyone who issues a request. Or maybe they shouldn’t be hooked on social media to the extent of real, live friends. So, he’ll have done them a favour…
Everyone who is critical of aspects of our immigration policies must wake up and realise what their endless talk about dangers and hatred can lead to.
Really? It’s the fault of everyone concerned about multiculturalism, is it? Are you sure about that?
There are two things we learned on Friday afternoon. One: extremists are found in all groups, and all are at least as dangerous.
Hmmm, well, we’ll see. I think you’ll find the Islamist loons are well ahead, though.
Two: hatred breeds hate. Never help to spread it unless you are ready to take the consequences. Did anyone – even you people who hate me for everything else, and belong to the far right – did anyone, even you, really want something this terrible to happen?
Well, of course they did! They are ‘right wing’, and so responsible for every evil in the world. While the left are responsible only for kittens, puppydogs and rainbows.

Stalin, Lenin and Mao couldn’t be reached for comment…


Gallovidian said...

The EDL are a state run op.

Ranter said...

Just listening to MArtha Karny on WAO BBC R4. MAnaged to turn around discussion to how Muslims were being initially blamed and general stigmatisation of Mozzies and then went to interview 'Black Norwegians' to get their point of view on the hearings of the Aryan nutjob being held in secret. Truly amazing, breathtaking really, that in the Beeb's eyes the real victims of the Norway killings are muslims!

Flaming Patriot said...

"Really? It’s the fault of everyone concerned about multiculturalism, is it? Are you sure about that?"

Too right it is. If people like us speak the truth, then according to the Left you're guilty of murder!

Let us speak some truths that us evil right-wingers can agree on:
- Muslims refuse to integrate with our society. (1 dead child on our head!)
- Muslims believe that kuffirs (non-believers) must be killed on sight, according to the koran. (Several more dead children!)
- Muslims have a prediliction for raping white girls (We just killed 80 more by saying this!)
- Mosques have no place in England (A bomb just went off!)

"The EDL are a state run op."
Eh, bollocks we are. I've never seen any evidence for that.

English Viking said...


Doubt it, but you can be sure there are one or two MI% wallahs scattered about the leaders.

English Viking said...

That's MI5 ^^^

Lynne said...

Look on the bright side. This story knocked the interminable hacking scandal from the top of the news agenda. The problem is that it's the same brainless bullshit but in a different wrapping.

Quiet_Man said...

@ Gallovidian
"The EDL are a state run op." Don't write utter bollocks, I'm involved with the EDL and can assure you they are harassed by the state at every turn, currently our leader is under an Asbo which prevents him from discussing the EDL, knowingly being near any EDL event, has had his computers seized and other leaders have been arrested in dawn raids on the morning of marches and released only after the marches and the entire organisation has had its activists constantly monitored by the state and it security/law enforcement officials.
As for the Oslo bomber and his claims, the EDL have this to say...
"We can categorically state that there has never been any official contact between him (Brievik) and the EDL, our facebook page had 100,000 supporters and receives tens of thousands of comments each day. And there is no evidence that Brievik was ever one of those 100,000 supporters. Even so, anyone who expresses any extremist beliefs of any kind, be it white supremacist, christian fundamentalist or Islamic extremists, they all get banned from the site."

So get off your ****ing high horse and open your eyes, the EDL are a reaction to government policies, not run by the government themselves!

SBC said...

"That's MI5 ^^^"

Of course there are. It's almost a universal law that if such a body isn't actually State run then the Second and Third in command are guaranteed to be undercover 'cops' or paid informers.

The Security Services learnt that lesson, oh, back when 'anarchists' were throwing round bombs with fuses and all had big black beards and spoke with Russian accents.

English Viking said...


What amazes me is utter lack of credible security these kind of organisations have.

I know MI5 are there; you know it; the EDL seem oblivious.

Quiet_Man said...

@ English Viking.

The EDL are reasonably secure and use a cell network for information control. MI5 take an interest in us to be sure, however the EDL are not a terrorist or extremist organisation, nor have any political aims other than getting the state to deal with extreme Islam. The state is far more interested in Muslim extremists, the EDL only march, they don't blow things up.

Anonymous said...

Steve Sailer blogs about this much better. He calls Breivik a 'neoconservative on steroids'.

Whereas the EDL are neoconservatives on Stella.

sbc1 said...

"Whereas the EDL are neoconservatives on Stella."


Never a truer word.

shinars basket case said...

"Whereas the EDL are neoconservatives on Stella."


Never a truer word.

JuliaM said...

"MAnaged to turn around discussion to how Muslims were being initially blamed..."

'Unfairly'..? It usually IS a Muslim terrorist group, FFS! That's what makes this one so damned unusual.

"Look on the bright side. This story knocked the interminable hacking scandal from the top of the news agenda."

Amy Winehouse's little mishap already did that!

"Steve Sailer blogs about this much better. He calls Breivik a 'neoconservative on steroids'.

Whereas the EDL are neoconservatives on Stella."


Anonymous said...

Notice how certain sections of the media are continually referring to Breivik as 'right wing' shouldn't that be 'far' or 'hard' right?

Therefore by deliberate implication all individuals with right wing views (a very large swath of the population)are evil, murdering, racist, facists!

You are only a nice decent, moral indvidual if you hold left wing views!

Of course the left never seem to say anything about the clearly racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and intolerant views so openly display by Islam: oh shit a church just blow up - oh wait, sorry that sort of thing doesn't happen when Muslims preach there oh so special brand of hatred! Silly me!

Could it be of course that Breivik's actions are routed in the hatred preached by Islam and tolerated by western authorities? I don't notice anybody making that connection! Oh no! it's only when right wing people speak that hatred drives lunatics to kill innocents!

How about the reaction of so many muslims world wide to the Norwegian cartoon of Mohamed a few years back - no chance that might have sparked Breivik's madness then?

There is no excuse or justification for Breivik's behaviour scores of people lie dead and families lives have been destroyed - he is mad and evil!

Unfortunatley if the left are going to continually allow Islam to trample over the values of western democracies, warp and twist facts, and attempt to refuse people a voice, then this sort of tragady will happen again!

Gallovidian said...

Danish cartoons surely.

Anonymous said...

They were all vikings once - surley

But you get the point!

Tattyfalarr said...

From one extreme to the other:

Child welfare expert Günther Hoffmann said: 'If ideological influence reaches such proportions that it can threaten children's well-being, state or civic bodies are obliged to look into the situation.

'If we don't, we are going to incur massive problems in the future.'

This is exactly the kind of thinking that compelled a norwegian man to shoot an island full of teenagers at a summer camp.

So it begins. This can't end well for anyone.

ivan said...

Gallovidian, don't you mean the UAF - they are supported by the political parties and they are the ones that usually start any agro.

Anonymous said...


No! no! mate - you just don't get it, do you? You don't understand the rules: The left can behave like a bunch of violent bully boys and street thugs: but that's all different you see!!!!

Sometimes those oh so nice, fluffy sorts from the left, who wouldn't dream of twisting the facts, vilifying anyone who dares to disagree with them or besmirching someones character in order to invalidate their argument, have to do horrid and beastly things - but it's all for the greater good you see!

After all; they are so much wiser, better and morally superior to the rest of us.

And yes; you're right it's usually the facist (what else do you call people who hold such totalitarin views) thugs of the UAF who start, and want trouble!

Anonymous said...

Lefties as violent bully boy thugs? Most of them just seem like placard-waving, slogan-chanting students.

Sure they're two-faced when it comes to talk of 'freedom of expression', but in person they're usually about as menacing as Rik from the Young Ones.

This Daily Mail article suggests that EDL members are at more risk of physical harm from each other: