Monday 25 July 2011

Yes, We Really Need To Expand That ‘Thinking Skills’ Course…

A Burnley postman who stashed away more than 31,000 letters and parcels at his home has been spared jail.
Really? Must have had a damned good excuse then…
He apologised for his actions and said he deserved to go to prison after a judge gave him 'a chance' as he looked after his disabled wife and daughter.

He said: “Personally I think I should have gone to prison. I know I have done wrong and I am sorry.

“The judge obviously realised that I had to look after my family, they need me to be here and I am grateful I am able to still look after them.

“It was a very stressful and difficult time, I was looking after my wife and daughter and that in itself was a full-time job.

"There just weren’t enough hours in the day."
Awwww, poor guy! *sniff* I’m quite welling up here.

Clearly, it all got too much for him, the poor, saintly, self-suffering ma…

Oh. Wait:
Tasker, who was to tell bosses he had sometimes been too drunk to do his round
Tasker, then a postman for 12 years, had been put under surveillance by the Royal Mail last September after reports from the public about mail not being delivered.

On the day he was observed, he didn't start on his round until noon at the earliest, finished about 2pm and had left more than 300 packets undelivered.

He later admitted he had left the Post Office at about 9am and had then done some shopping, gone home for his breakfast, had some cider, been to the bookies and was drunk.
*grinds teeth*
He was given 32 weeks in jail, suspended for a year, with 12 months' supervision and alcohol treatment and the Thinking Skills programme.


Antisthenes said...

We all live in the nanny state now so nobody has to take responsibility. Hence no responsibility, no accountability. Everyone passes the buck just like pass the parcel expecting the music never to stop. However the music is grinding to a halt and when it stops the parcel will be so heavy that everyone will be there holding it up. Sweating under a load of incompetence and corruption. Weighed down in debt, impoverished public services, draconian regulations that has sucked out the last vestiges of personal freedom. Energy that no one can afford burning the last bit of furniture to keep warm in the coldest winter since the ice age. Once the left got hold of economic and social governance the writing was on the wall. So what will everyone do when there is no more TV to watch the X factor and Corrie. It's back to the cave and hunting and gathering for us. Will the left be so pleased then? Even the Greens may accept at last that their policies are crap.

T said...

With him in prison his disabled wife and daughter just might have got the help they need. I think that was more motivation that anything to keep him out.

Proper care costs money...prison time costs money...hmmm..what's our cheapest option here ?

I sometimes despair of how easy it is to work out what the judge was thinking. The country is now only run on Financial Justice...and even That is running on fumes...

JuliaM said...

"We all live in the nanny state now so nobody has to take responsibility. "

So true...

"I sometimes despair of how easy it is to work out what the judge was thinking. "

I sometimes despair of how easy it is to assume the judge isn't thinking at all...

NickM said...

If he was too drunk to deliver letters how could he not be too drunk to care for the disabled?

Oh, and BTW, my wife frequently receives payment s by cheques sent via the post. Sometimes for large sums. This is not just unty Dot not getting her bloody Christmas card is it?