Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I Should Go Into The Fortune-Telling Business...

Back in February:
"Can’t be named. Sound familiar? It seems that nor can the victim, referred to in all reports as ‘the woman’.

I suspect, however, that she might have been a relative. No weeping mother has been interviewed, so perhaps the young master should have picked old Norm to idolise instead?"
Well, I was spot on:
Daniel Bartlam was just 14 when he hit mother Jacqueline, 47, seven times with a claw hammer at their detached cul-de-sac home.
It's a pretty disturbing case, with the usual signs of a broken home, early-onset mental issues investigated but never resolved by the authorities, and a rush to find 'blame' in TV and popular culture...
A source close to the case told the Daily Mail: ‘He comes across as being very mature but there is a distinct lack of emotion. If he was an adult he could be considered a psychopath.
Well, he's not. What does that make him?
He was convicted of his mother’s murder in February following a two-week trial, but it was only after his sentencing yesterday that Mr Justice Flaux lifted reporting restrictions which prevented him from being named.
I wonder why..?


Anonymous said...

I think a lot of kids display psychopathic tendencies. At the very least by their streak of selflessness and lack of empathy, usually at the expense of other children.

Bucko said...

Thanks for the link. What are next weeks lottery numbers?

JuliaM said...

Ah, if only! ;)

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