Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Oh, Look! *Yawn* Another ‘Rare Case’…

An allegation of rape on a teenage girl in Vange did not happen, police have said.
But no doubt a hell of a lot of time was spent finding out if it had?
After speaking to detectives again, the 17-year-old girl admitted the allegation of a stranger rape in Vange on April 3 did not happen as she told them.

The victim will be re-interviewed about other allegations she has made.
And then prosecuted for wasting police time? Mind you, if this one* hasn't been, after the 19th time...

*H/T: RightGirl via Twitter


Woman on a Raft said...

The significance being that in Wickford, Pitsea and Basildon there have been reports of attempted abductions by strangers.

The last may have been in Vange on Friday 13 April; police are increasingly concerned that Karis Clarke has apparently vanished without explanation. The alarm was raised on Friday evening when a caller claimed to have seen her being assaulted and then bundled in to a car. However it is not known exactly what happened or whether this is connected to any other events.

It does not help having people make up stories although it is important to note that if the story turns out to contain elements of truth - such as being approached by strangers - that may be relevant.

Kerry Murphy said...

I must agree what is the point. Stumbled upon this site by accident. The web makes dull bored people think they have a life. By taking excerpts they make comments up or lies because they are people with little going on in their life. I could understand a little if you got paid. A hobby taking news articles and thinking you know it all. people should not always believe what they read. Bit weird this Ambush, few sad lifeless people reading between the line. Must be boring people. oh what we going to say today lies, cause upset sitting in front of a computer getting excited and don't earn a penny, what sad trash is ambush.

The Kusabi said...

Sorry Kerry, tried to read your comment but nodded off halfway through.

Anonymous said...

more of the same here in Ashford:

Mark Wadsworth said...

@ The Kusabi, yup, me too :-)

JuliaM said...

"The significance being that in Wickford, Pitsea and Basildon there have been reports of attempted abductions by strangers. "

I wonder at reports like these - I wonder how true they are, and I wonder how many are genuine strangers...

"Kerry Murphy said..."

Oh, well done, Kerry, you finally realised posting your dribblings on an old post wasn't going to get you any attention.

It took a while for the penny to drop, though.

"more of the same here in Ashford"

And her punishment? The teenager who made the complaint has been interviewed under caution on suspicion of wasting police time. After admitting that she made up the incident she received a formal reprimand."

That'll teach 'er!