Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Just Put The Beasts* Down...

The Chief Constable has applied to Plymouth magistrates for an order to destroy the dog.

The court heard officers seized Rocko at the end of January.

Owner Craig Randle, aged 28, of Newcastle Gardens, is opposing the application and wants the dog back.

He told the court: "We have five kids and the dog is great with the kids."

Mr Randle said he did not know whether it was a pit bull.
Well, let's see. What's its behaviour?
...the animal had attacked a neighbour's dog in the street in January.

Mr Rendell said the owner had to pick up the pet to protect it.

He added the dog then turned on the owner's child.

Mr Rendell said: "The child was put up on the shoulders of its parent and even though this person was 6ft tall, the child had to lift its legs to avoid being bitten."

He claimed Rocko had been out in the street without the knowledge of Randle or his partner Paula Libbey.
Hmmm. that name seems familiar...

*snaps fingers*

Oh, right!

* Am I talking about the dogs? Errr, well, maybe I'll have to get back to you on that...


Mark Wadsworth said...

Well remembered.

JuliaM said...

And thanks to Blogger's Search function for enabling me to link back!