Monday, 30 April 2012

Maybe That's Why The Problem Keeps Repeating Itself?

Ahh, the quaint cultural customs of those happy-go-lucky bands of travellers:
A band of Travellers dumped piles of rubbish on picturesque moorland today...
*shocked face*
The Travellers had set up an illegal camp on land owned by the Maristow Estate north of Plymouth a week ago.
They packed up early today after they were warned that they were breaking the law.
But they left the area on Roborough Down Lane strewn with rubbish, including a child’s bicycle, shoes and even a craft knife.
A city council spokeswoman would say only that “We are following our normal procedures for dealing with unauthorised encampments.”
Prosecution for flytipping offences, perhaps, as would happen to anyone else?
This includes providing access to services including education, social and health care, and street services.
Ah. No. Of course not. Silly me.


Tatty said...

The aim of The Frankfurt School and Political Correctness was apparently to make the west so corrupt it stinks.

Mission accomplished.

Next !

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose Vanessa Redgr...oh never mind !

Anonymous said...

I am backing Herr Hess to come up with a solution.

JuliaM said...

"Mission accomplished."

I'm beginning to think we'll never row back from it, either.

"I don't suppose Vanessa Redgr...oh never mind !"