Saturday, 7 April 2012

Why Are We Even Asking This Question?

The murder of a young woman could not have been prevented by police, a report has concluded.
Pity no-one’s interested in whether she could have prevented it, isn’t it?
Officers had been called by Miss Skilbeck about domestic incidents nine times between May 2008 and March 13, 2011, which resulted in Spalding being arrested three times.
The flat where she was eventually found dead when the inevitable happened. The flat she shared with her killer right up until the moment she died…
The IPCC said a police officer who did not submit a risk assessment form immediately after an incident on March 13 had a case to answer to for misconduct. However, it did not believe the outcome would have been different if the form had been submitted sooner.
Understatement of the year….
"Police were right to arrest Gary Spalding for reported assaults on a number of occasions prior to the murder but he was never prosecuted due to a lack of sufficient independent evidence.

Denise was reluctant to fully engage with the police."
Shocker, eh? And dimwittedness clearly ruins in the family:
In a statement her sister Cathy Black recognised that Miss Skilbeck "displayed behaviour typical to victims of domestic violence when emergency calls are made, including making excuses for the perpetrator and covering up their behaviour".

She urged victims of domestic violence to call the police.

Your sister did call the police, she just refused to do anything else
Assistant chief constable Paul Broadbent said: "Although I am consoled that officers followed correct procedures and that we could not have prevented this tragedy, the death of a young woman at the hands of a violent man in whom she placed her trust is a matter of deep sorrow for her family and friends to whom I extend my utmost sympathy."
Oh, FFS! Why not just say ‘Listen up, ladies (and gentlemen)! The police can only do so much, you have to do your part as well!’..?

We are clearly raising a nation of dependent idiots.


IvorGrumble said...

She calls the police, they do fuck all, as usual. She will get beaten again for it. Perhaps the moment she did decide to leave was when he decided she wasn't going anywhere, and killed her. She knew THAT risk, which is why it takes her so long and so much suffering to 'do or die'.

When a woman decides to leave an abusive male she is in the most danger she has ever been. Where does she go? A 'refuge'? Oh how kind. Her family? The savage knows where they live too. And when the savage kicks their door down, the CPS won't find any 'independent witnesses' either, because they're all her family, they're BOUND to be prejudided. Case dropped.

But yeah, it's HER fault.

JuliaM said...

Sorry, but where's the evidence the police did 'fuck all'? They did everything they could!

And yes, it is indeed partly 'her fault'. What, should she be totally blameless? She was a drain on resources - while they were pandering to her, someone else genuinely in need of help wasn't getting it...

Jimbob said...

Arresting interviewing and putting evidence to CPS doesn't count as doing "fuck all". Effort is required on both sides: the interventionist state can't be relied upon to hand someone a new life every time events take a turn for the worse.

IvorGrumble said...

'Drain on resources' 'Someone else genuinely in need'.

Honestly no point in commenting further here.

Lord T said...

On the plus side every time this happens the average IQ goes up a fraction.

Anonymous said...

The CPS can prosecute without the help of the victim and the police seem to have gathered Plenty of information & evidence to enable this but once again the old bill are being blamed for CPS inaction and the usual behaviour from the underclass victims who expect s eryone else to wipe their arse for them

Anonymous said...

The police should be trying to make everyone's life better. The courts should be able to convict people even when there's no evidence.

Give me strength.

Anonymous said...

Misconduct for not submitting a form immediately? Why, what happens when the form is submitted and does whatever happens happen immediately? Or is it a paper work exercise filed in the order they are recieved by someone working office hours?

JuliaM said...

"On the plus side every time this happens the average IQ goes up a fraction."

Don't be too sure. All the evidence seems to indicate they are outbreeding us!

"...but once again the old bill are being blamed for CPS inaction.."

But do the CPS not have the same feminist-driven pressures?

If they still won't prosecute, then perhaps the evidence just isn't enough. As in the Trayvon Martin case..?

"Give me strength."