Saturday, 14 April 2012

I Guess You Aren't Keen On Everything 'Natural', Then, Robert?

Alongside the gratitude to the helpful person who points out your dog's offences you might allow yourself a tiny touch of resentment: did you have to? Just once, couldn't we all pretend this never happened? For however often you pick up the shit, however much you love your dog, the hideousness of the task does not diminish. However deep the lesson of good citizenship has sunk, to walk down the street with a sack of faeces in your hand, looking for that elusive next bin, is a humiliation.
Yes, this is the same idiot who only a few months ago was was extolling the 'virtues' of the wild nature of his unruly beast, and the awkward expectations that society places on ownership of such a creature.

The post was triggered by a report that the same sort of clueless, narcissistic and selfish dog-owners as himself were leaving bagged dog crap on Scottish beaches.
I join in the disgust at the bag dumpers who disfigure our beaches, but I feel compassion too. They have tried to do their bit, but at some point – why are we surprised? – shame and revulsion overcame altruism and willpower.
What a drama queen!

You should have a word with your fellow contributor, Robert. She could teach you a thing or two about adamant refusal to scoop the poop..


Quiet_Man said...

tbh When I had a dog it never ever bothered me walking down the street with a sack full of "dog eggs" It bothered me a lot more when the little scrotes who live around here used to set fire to the dog waste bins.

Ian B said...

Get a cat. It shits in your neighbours' flower beds. Problem solved.

Stonyground said...

It is a bit of a first-world problem isn't it, the terrible hardship of having to carry some dogshit in a bag.

As opposed to having no running water say, or having to watch your kids die of starvation 'cause the crops failed again this year.

RAB said...

Shame and revulsion?? Who is this fuckwit? It's a natural function and being a responsible dog owner means clearing up after your dog. No big deal at all.

Walking down the street with a bag of dog poo in your hand? If anybody wants to make something of it, just whack them on the head with it. Who's laughing then?

Besides, on a cold frosty morning picking up your dog's poo is a nice little handwarmer :-)

Crap journalism said...

Doggy doo-doo is revolting, but doggies will however happily doo-doo when the need takes them and probably right when you least want it.

yeah, I scoop da poop and use a Tesco bag to do it (beware those with small holes provided in case junior thinks its a space helmet) but by and large, it really isn't a big deal.

Just one, or two or three, of those little things.

Still if you were a Guardian writers and you were short of some outrage to express, I can see why it's appealing to use the power of the press to explain your current horror. But then I find the Guardian a bit lower in the scale of things than doggy stink pods.

JuliaM said...

@Stonyground: Spot on! CiF should be renamed 'First World Problems'!

Anonymous said...

No problems with my doggy poo poos, but do do the shuffle with 2 big ruddy dogs in tow, and a real little poo bag, really must take Tesco bags.

Used to meet another dog walker, he used poo bags, then proceed to put them in his pocket, as he said it kept him warm...Yes well, nice guy btw lol, he really was.