Friday, 19 September 2014

Police Body Cameras – A Great Idea, Though Race Hustlers Might Starve…

…actually, come to think of it, that makes it an even better idea!
In Jones’s version of events, told to an overly credulous Da Lin, a reporter from local CBS affiliate KPIX, his sons were “traumatized” by the police officer, who told them to put their hands up and not to move.
“And his hand is on his gun,” Jones said in the interview, “he was crouched, he was low, and he was basically in a shooting stance.”
Cue the usual suspects?

Alas for Mr. Jones, there will be no Al Sharpton, no Eric Holder, no FBI, and no action, for the Oakland Police Department released a video of the incident, captured on the officer’s body camera, and it confirms that though the officer was cautious and even a bit brusque at the outset, he did nothing improper during the entire incident.
Lying through their teeth while getting caught out by technology? Seems like a habit with black firemen in the States.

And let’s not forget ‘I was only kissing my white boyfriend!’ turned out to be a little more complex than that, after the left-wing media had already mounted their hobby horses & galloped off…

H/T: Ruby_Monroe via Twitter


Lord T said...

I think it is a great idea. Everyone in government work should have to wear one so we can review their actions later.

Perhaps when the court sees what the social workers, plod, etc. do on their travels they will be a bit less likely to abuse their powers.

Now all we need to do is get a court to accept that any interaction where the camera data is lost or was never recorded as a win for the defendant.

I record a lot of my interactions with third parties. You never know.

MTG said...

Nothing more could be asked of police, in either case. Restrained, professional and commendable.

'I’d like to identify you to my publicist' Watts, certainly pulled a trick...and typecasted herself.

Ian Hills said...

Everyone in public office should wear a body camera,including MPs, so we can see what they're stealing.

Trevor said...

Good grief! What a flatulent sac of neurosis and delusion. (Sorry, nothing to do with the story - I mean your Twitter 'chum'/stalker/monitor. Girl has issues, as nobody I'd ever be friends with would say.)

Your restraint/patience/masochism is extraordinary.

Flaxen Saxon said...

May I respectfully suggest 'penis cam'. Strap it on, and if the strap is tight enough, it will restrict blood back flow thus helping to sustain that erection; older men take note. Add a couple of nobbly bits and everyone is a winner. I don't suggest reviewing the footage, for the obvious reasons.

Furor Teutonicus said...

From the fireman link;

DD “He said (the cats) were pooping in his backyard and that they attacked his dog,” DD

What the FUCK have they GOT for cats in that area?

Or are all the dogs now the Government aproved queer bastard dogs that are scared of their own shadow.... like the population?

JuliaM said...

"I think it is a great idea. Everyone in government work should have to wear one so we can review their actions later."


The Administrative Officer at DVLA YouTube channel wouldn't get many hits...

"...and typecasted herself."

Spot on!

"What the FUCK have they GOT for cats in that area?"

Indeed! Or maybe he's a little challenged in the puppy department?