Monday 26 October 2015

As Panto Season Is Fast Approaching, I Feel Compelled... say 'Oh, yes, it is..!':
‘The Student Union isn’t in the business of protecting people from ideas they don’t like.’
*sighs* Remember when going to university meant something?

Mind you, I can also remember when police did actual policing, rather than dance to the tune of the Legion of Perpetual Offence, for whom they always seem to go the extra distance:
Officers from Thames Valley Police approached the magazine stand while it was unattended and took all 150 copies ‘to assess whether the content was obscene’.
And when they'd determined that they weren't (you needed them all to do that? Have you never heard of sampling?) were they all returned?

H/T: @liontornado via Twitter


DJ said...

As ever: the process is the punishment.

JuliaM said...

They do it, because it works... :(