Thursday, 8 October 2015

Suck It Up, Love - It's The World YOU Built!

Suzanne Moore on the Bahar Mustafa case:
...the stimulation of offence, only ever a click away, is the mood music now. It is tiring, for sure. Do those who live in this semi-aroused state ever get off social media and go outside, where I hear people saying all kinds of offensive stuff? Racist, sexist, homophobic – it’s all on the bus I get on. It’s unpleasant but, on the whole, no one is mortally wounded by speech alone. Public space can be threatening. I have been attacked, raped and abused in my lifetime for just being, not for my “views”. That is part of life for many women. The war on women that sees two women killed a week is not even news – unless there are some sexy pics and gory details of how some shining girl became another bruised corpse, often at the hands of someone she knew. That’s how many women live. That’s how many trans women and women of colour live. My experience is not special; it is, sadly, normal. So, I completely stand by Bahar Mustafa if she used a hashtag that said #killallwhitemen. She may have said other stupid stuff on Twitter – the place where women are tweeted abusive crap day in, day out. If men are seriously fearing for their lives because of this hashtag, they can surely organise a safe space. Indeed, they have; it’s called “most of the world”.


andy said...

I am getting so sick of the constant attacks on white men by lefty`s who see no hypocrisy in attacking us while making full use of the modern safe(ish) society that we have built.
Since we`re such scum who are responsible for all evil in the world we should give them what they want and remove ourselves from society, would she be fine with us withdrawing all support and protection for her and her ilk?
Frankly part of me would like to see all white men just walk away from society and sit back and watch it all collapse,I wonder how long the left`s high ideals would last when the welfare money dries up and the left`s sainted minorities start to get violent,(well,more violent than they are now)

Bill Sticker said...

She claims to have been 'raped' and 'abused'. Did she go to the Police and get a DNA swab for evidence? Were her rapists and abusers subsequently prosecuted? If not, why not?

Is there a hashtag for #Inolongerbelieveher?

Andy said...

We white men are simply not allowed to be offended. Our job is to be offensive. I think I do quite a good job at it. Very few targets ripe for pee-taking escape my verbal clutches, cyclists (sorry LR), greens, progressives, outspoken sexual perverts, and deluded international socialists use pubs. That's where they go wrong, the pubs which I use are bursting at the seams with middle aged white men queueing up to rip into any smug young know-it-all. Try popping into a pub nearby local council offices, strike up a conversation with any random person, be sure to get your opinion of LGOs in before anyone admits to being an LGO. If they do confess to being an over paid, under employed desk jockey, just say 'have you no shame?'. Anyway, if Suzanne Moore were to darken the doorstep at any of my local pubs, she would be ripped a new one.

JuliaM said...

"Maybe Mustafa would like to live in Turkey and see how brownish Islamic men treat her?"

Oh, there's not enough popcorn in the world for that!

"That's where they go wrong, the pubs which I use are bursting at the seams with middle aged white men queueing up to rip into any smug young know-it-all."

That might be because they aren't wine bars.