Saturday 17 October 2015

They Look After Their Own, Don’t They…?

The officer - posting on his personal Facebook page - said he was annoyed about waiting for a train then callously joked that a woman playing the piano at Brighton Station would "be picking her teeth up off the live line with broken fingers".
It’s his own personal page, so does it matter?
The revelation is a further social media embarrassment to Sussex Police as it comes the week after two other Sussex Police officers were found to have caused "inexplicable and unnecessary distress" by posting a selfie of themselves at the scene of the Shoreham air crash with an offensive hashtag
Following a formal investigation the chief constable of Sussex Police concluded those two officers should be dismissed.
Ah. Yes indeed, good point. Though the selfies weren’t even posted on public sites, so this chap’s punishment should be much harsher, right?

PC Bridger - who has worked as an equalities officer and on the force's LGBT liaison unit and safeguarding vulnerable people - has been spoken to by his managers about the incident and told to apologise.
However, the telling off is not considered an official disciplinary action for misconduct.
Well, well, well....
A spokesman for Sussex Police confirmed the force received a formal complaint about the post but added: "It was a personal account and the officer was not posting under his own name or identifying himself as a police officer, but the matter was brought to the attention of the force. "
Which rather begs the did the complainant know he was a police officer then?

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