Friday 30 October 2015

Quote Of The Month

MacHeath in fine form on modern feminist icons:
"I can appreciate, for example, that Minaj wishes to ridicule the objectification of women, but I have to admit to some difficulty in seeing exactly how this is achieved by writhing around slathered in baby oil and pouting at the camera, patting the rear of a shapely bikini-clad dancer or crawling on all fours around a seated man, however ironic the intention."
Honorable runner-up is The Stigler at Mark Wadsworth's blog with some sage travel advice:
"The way I avoid being detained by a bunch of bastards in Iran is simple: I don't go to Iran. It's very simple. And if my employers asked me to, I'd tell them to piss off."


PJH said...

"Honorable runner-up is Mark Wadsworth...."

Technically, that was The Stigler.

JuliaM said...

Oh, good spot! Amended!

Macheath said...

Thanks for the link!