Friday 30 October 2015

Essex Police Say ‘Pay Up Or We’ll Have To Shoot This Baby Seal*!’

Police will not marshal Canvey’s annual remembrance parade as a result of police cuts.
Well, of course!

Yet I bet those same cuts won’t stop them going out of their way to harass someone on behalf of the establishment:
A former police officer received a £2,000 police payout after officers unlawfully raided his home on suspicion of harassing Essex’s highways chief.
Ken Mason, of Great Ranton, Pitsea, had written several emails to Rodney Bass expressing his unhappiness with the county’s part-night lighting scheme. But the messages led to Mr Mason wrongly being accused of sending hate mail to Mr Bass’s home address.
He was arrested and his computer was seized, but he was later released without charge.
They should have to pay that £2000 out of their own pockets. That’ll be more effective than any retraining.

*H/T: @Misanthrope Girl via Twitter and Rob in comments here


MTG said...

Given the standard of their intelligence, tarnished reputation and “systematic failing” of Essdex plod, rumours of a scam which involves unlawful raids on former employees' homes in order to share in the proceeds of compensation...are res ipsa false.

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