Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Have You Never Heard The Expression 'Beggars Can't Be Choosers' Then?

Ms Waghorne said: “We got a letter on March 3 saying that the landlord wanted the property back by March 6.
“They then wanted to put me and my daughter in a one bedroom flat miles away.
“I drove round the area and it was vile, there were people standing around in corners, dirty needles on the floor.
“I was prepared to accept it for a few days, then my sister phoned the council and said she wasn’t happy with that.”
Yes, well. Everyone can see you have exacting standards.

 Oh look what I found!


Anonymous said...

Saddling her daughter with the name "Sharntell" has already mapped out the poor kid's future.

Just Trevor said...

Surprised there was no mention of the other, sexually-ambiguous, child 'Carntell'.

Anonymous said...

No problem, just go live with the child's father...

Oh, wait

Woman on a Raft said...

Good new word in the commments:


John M said...

"Sharntell" FFS the woman should be arrested for child abuse just for that.

Andy said...

You got as far as the comments? I'm with the majority and got stuck at Sharntell. Is it just me, or would we love to know what she would say if she could?

CJ Nerd said...

"Carntell", surely, is a surname.

JuliaM said...

"...already mapped out the poor kid's future."

Indeed. But think of it as the warning colouration on a poisonous insect, to ensure you steer clear.

"Surprised there was no mention of the other, sexually-ambiguous, child 'Carntell'."


"Good new word in the commments:


Heh! Indeed. This is why I love comments. And why so many online papers are no longer offering the option, I suppose.. :/