Monday 18 April 2016

Why Can’t The Defence Barrister Get Done For Contempt Of Court?

Appearing for sentencing at Wrexham Magistrates Court on Monday, Davies wept through the hearing.
She had previously pleaded guilty to being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control.
Ah, yes, tears are always good strategy! Did anyone check her for a concealed onion?
Emma Simoes, defending, said Davies was very remorseful about the attack. “This is a lady whose life revolves around animals. She is distraught and very concerned Blake will be put down and she will be disqualified from having any other pets.
“She had Blake for six years and this was an isolated incident.
“The lead snapped and rather than going back to get another, she thought she would be able to control him.”
Right, so she was very remorseful and waited at the scene until the police came to…

Helen Tench, prosecuting, told the court police were called and eventually located Davies and her dog.
OK. But it was an isolated incident and the dog had never attacked befo…

In a victim impact statement read out before the court, she added: “I was so upset Digger had been killed. I was shaking with the trauma.
“This was not the first time Blake had attacked him.“
Isn’t it time ‘contempt of court’ was extended to barristers spinning the courts a pack of easily-disproven lies..?


Antisthenes said...

From my observations the criminal justice system(which includes the police of course as you so often point out their failings) is riddled with corruption and incompetence. Then the same could be said of all government bodies. Top of that dung pile is the EU of course. All are playing the system and many are being paid very handsomely with our taxed money for the privilege and the waste and misuse of money is horrendous.

Ted Treen said...

Judge: "Are you trying to show contempt for this court"

Witness: "Certainly not, M'Lud. I'm doing my utmost to conceal it".

No doubt apocryphal, but still amusing - and relevant.

Sgt Albert Hall said...

The utter rubbish and lies told by defence lawyers in mitigation is a disgrace. They should be made to give mitigation on oath.

JuliaM said...

" Then the same could be said of all government bodies. "

Oh, so very, very true...

"No doubt apocryphal, but still amusing - and relevant."

Heh! Indeed...

"They should be made to give mitigation on oath."

I would pay good money to see that!