Monday 11 April 2016

The Excuses Are Getting Worse…

A father-of-four claimed the astronomical cost of living in Kingston turned him to drug dealing, before he was sentenced to a year in prison for supplying cannabis.
Not only that, but while on bail, he was arrested AGAIN for the same offence…
He came to the UK from Iran in 1999 and lived in Dover for more than 10 years before moving to New Malden.
And what does he do for a living (besides drug dealing)? We aren’t told. Is the answer ‘nothing’?
Defence counsel William Paynter said: “He has described it as a big mistake.
“His daughter was going to go to university in London and the family all decided to move.
“He found the cost of living in London very high, even compared to Dover also in the south east.”
Well, it’s not like that could have been foreseen, is it?
Explaining why Sahami was caught drug dealing a second time, Mr Paynter added: “It is an unfortunate feature of the case.
“He is someone with very little connection with the criminal justice system.
“While this was a matter committed on bail he may not have understood as well as someone who was born and raised in Britain would.”
He’s been here for fifteen years. He didn’t just get off the boat yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Deport him on release - we have enough born & bred dealers as it is.

JuliaM said...

"Deport him on release - we have enough born & bred dealers as it is."

Coming over here, taking British jobs... ;)