Thursday 14 April 2016

As A Regular Bootsaler, I Have To Say ‘Wha..?’

A large fight broke out at the event in Staines Road, Hounslow, on February 28, in which one man was reportedly stabbed and another sustained a broken leg.
Police said the brawl had been sparked by a row over power tools, prompting the organiser of the car boot sale to agree to stop the sale of them at further events.
It seems that this might have been after prompting from yes, none other than police:
Inspector Jonathan Shard, from Hounslow police, told GetWestLondon the tools were “no longer accepted for sale as they were the driver for the attendance of the groups involved in the fight”.
I note you aren’t naming these ‘groups’.
He added: “The manager of the car boot sales have agreed a ban, which is advertised at the entrance to the site.”
Hmmm, yes.

I see the same sort of signs up at the boot sales I attend. ‘No counterfeit goods!’ they proclaim, to which I always chuckle ‘Oh, yes, there are!’…


Bucko said...

They ban power tools rather than banning 'the groups involved in the fight'?

They ARE tools then

JuliaM said...

It's easier than making a judgement on public safety grounds (which is what we pay them for) that might upset an identity group they want to treat with kid gloves (which we definitely don't pay them for)...