Friday 22 April 2016

Well, At Least You Aren't Ruling Out Any Options...

Burnley Magistrates Court heard how Alltree, of Eagle Street, Nelson, went in to a rage after Mr Williams had stopped him entering a roundabout by putting on the combined breaks (sic) during the test which started at 8am on February 9.
When Alltree realised it meant he had failed his test and words were exchanged between the defendant and Williams before the examiner asked him to pull up at the side of the road, the court heard. Alltree got out of the car, slamming the door and shouted at Mr Williams: "You would not have done that if you knew who I was."
Driving instructor Kenneth Spencer, who had been sat in the back of the car, got out to try and calm Alltree down. But magistrates were told Alltree shouted: "All I have to do is make one phone call and you are both dead. I will kill you."
Just an everyday story of Lancashire folk...
Prosecuting, Tracy Yates said Alltree banged on the car and carried on driving expletives (sic) and when Mr Williams drove off back towards the driving test centre, leaving the defendant on the roadside. But Alltree chased after the car continuing to shout abuse.
At 8.50am Mr Williams and Mr Spencer heard knocking at the door of the test centre in Cobden Street. Colleagues noticed it was Alltree, who had walked back, and called the police.
 Wow. Mitigation is going to be....

....well, it's probably going to be the usual stuff, isn't it?
Defending, Graeme Parkinson said his client had anger management issues and also suffered from ADHD and dyslexia.
Yup. Thought so.
He said his client accepts he had handled the situation badly but chased after the car and went to the test centre to retrieve his provisional licence which he was fearful of losing.
"But he said it wasn't until later he realised it had been in his jacket pocket throughout.
He said his client did not recall using any expletives but accepts he probably did.
Dare I ask if it's his first offence?
Alltree, who is unemployed and cares full-time for his partner, has nine previous convictions for offences including assault, disorderly behaviour and dishonesty.
The case was adjourned until April 25 for a pre-sentence report and Alltree was given unconditional bail.
The chairman of magistrates Mr Creelman said: "We have listened to carefully to what everybody has said and we take on board everything that we have heard, including your condition. This was clearly very shocking for the examiner.
"We are not ruling out any options when it comes to sentencing you."
Bet you're ruling out the one I'd prefer.


Anonymous said...

Where was the defence medical evidence? None, because it probably doesn't exist. Why is it necessary for potential magistrates to graduate front naivety school before they can appear on the bench? Threats to kill should be taken seriously. Also, would suggest he takes his next driving test in another town.

Antisthenes said...

Is sentencing not just about punishment but also to deter others from committing the same crime. Well it used to be but no longer it appears.

Anonymous said...

"You would not have done that if you knew who I was."

Napoleon perhaps? I wonder if he suffers from more than just anger management issues, ADHD and dislexia? Does not bode well for other drivers if he ever passes his test.

Also, is it usual these days for instructors to ride along, unless to translate?

Slim said...

Thank goodness he lives far away from me.

Flaxen Saxon said...

How long will it take before he kills someone?

Andy said...

Which option would I prefer? Send me the bill for the round used. I would gladly pay.

JuliaM said...

"Where was the defence medical evidence? None, because it probably doesn't exist."

We're back to that 'barristers ought to have to give mitigation under oath' again, aren't we?

"Also, is it usual these days for instructors to ride along, unless to translate?"

Maybe he was doing a check on the instructor?

"How long will it take before he kills someone?"

Not long. The justice system is no check, after all.