Wednesday 13 April 2016

Regulation, Keeping Us All Safe!

In a report to Mrs Yeribu, a panel spokesman said: "There was a clear risk of death to the patient arising from your actions.
"Your actions in using scissors on a Tesio line were serious and it was clear that by using scissors there was the potential to cut the line.
"Your actions brought the nursing profession into serious disrepute. They would be deplored by nursing and other professionals and be found shocking to the general public.
"You were in breach of the fundamental tenets of the nursing profession in failing to provide a high standard of care to your patient.”
A Basildon Hospital spokesman said Mrs Yeribu, an agency nurse, has not worked at the trust since the incident, in June 2014.
Note the weasel words ‘at the trust’.

Because as the comments show, she’s working somewhere:
Owlz Hmmmm but Patricia Yeribu-tsikata (full name) has set up her own nursing business and is still practicing as a nurse as her Facebook page (in uniform) and companies house show.... http://www.companies


Anonymous said...

One woman Yeribu Care Pathway, much faster than the Liverpool one. I'm sure she is a locum nurse all over the place.

JuliaM said...

Yup, I suspect so.