Friday 1 April 2016

You Get A Different Class Of Nutter In Brighton…

Amirhom, of Zetland Road, Middlesbrough, told police her mental health difficulties made her do "naughty things" and said the least Mr Pineau deserved were "cheeky posts".
The reason for her obsession was not revealed in court, but she said she had been "mentally-controlled by the illuminati and sent packages as instructed".
Wow! Brighton really is the Home of the 24 Karat Crazy, isn’t it?

I thought the last one was bad, but this one takes the title!
Amirhom sent packages containing a Christmas card with £200 cash, two painted canvasses, a small Santa toy, an iPhone 6 and the book Adirondak Tragedy: The Gillette Murder Case of 1906.
Blimey! If someone wants to stalk me by sending me money and expensive technology, the email link is in the top right hand corner!
Judge Crowson imposed a 12-month community order and a life-long restraining order which bans her from contacting Mr Pineau or his family, or entering East Sussex.
Harsh. But fair.


Antisthenes said...

Did not send him a bottle of cognac then perhaps because pineau is considered the little brother to it. Pineau quite nice but only if chilled.

Nice Mr Pierrepoint said...

Compared to London's jihadists and ahem youths stabbing each other with zombie knives, Brighton's nuttiness makes me feel almost nostalgic.

JuliaM said...

"Pineau quite nice but only if chilled."

I expect he had more sense than to drink it... ;)

"...Brighton's nuttiness makes me feel almost nostalgic."

I would have said 'At least it's harmless' but then I saw the jihadi-worshipping count in Brighton!