Monday 4 April 2016

Perhaps Someone Should Be Checking Her Benefits?

This was the shocking moment a thug punched a woman in the face in a row over parking.
The 49-year-old, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, was knocked to the ground with one blow in the vicious attack in Hornchurch, east London. Police said her jaw was broken in four places.
Awful! What monsters! What’s the world coming to?
CCTV footage captured by security cameras outside her business on Ardleigh Green Road recorded the entire encounter.
It shows two men pull up outside the pair's cleaning supplies store in a dark-coloured hatchback. Ms Smith and her business partner Keith Edwards, 53, who are walking past as they park, turn on their heels and confront the men as they make their way towards the shop.
The row gets increasingly heated and as one of the men attempts to pass Ms Smith she pulls him away by his hoodie.
She then appears to swipe at the back of his head, but misses. The man responds by swinging a fierce blow at her face which sends her tumbling on to the concrete forecourt.
Ah. That rather puts a different light on things, doesn’t it?

Yes, they shouldn’t park there, yes, there's the age old 'a man should never hit a woman' (Really, ladies? In these days of equality?) but it appears she started it, and is now whinging because she came off worse. Using her Victimhood Poker cards of ‘woman’ and ‘disabled’.

So she’s clearly not that disabled if she can start scraps with younger men, is she?


Trevor said...

Number of fucks given about her and her now four-part jaw = 0.

JuliaM said...

Yup! Was rather surprised how many people fell back on the 'But a man doesn't hit a woman, no matter what!'.