Friday 15 April 2016

That’s Not Going To Help With The Council Cash Flow, Is It?

The building has been empty for several months since the art gallery closed.
Westhoughton town councillor David Wilkinson said: “Most residents who contacted me about this were opposed to the idea of yet another takeaway on Market Street but others were supportive of having a genuine restaurant.”
The line between ‘filthy takeaway’ and ‘genuine restaurant’ is often pretty close.
Bolton Council planning officers turned down the plans to convert the former art gallery over fears that the takeaway was too close to Westhoughton High School.
It was feared the food outlet would encourage unhealthy eating among youngsters as guidance recommends that hot food takeaways within 400 metres of secondary schools should not be given permission.
Given that Market Street is already thick with pizza places, Indian takeaways, chip shops and the like, it’s really hard to see how one more is going to somehow tip the balance between a school full of lithe striplings vs a school full of porkers…


Lord T said...

It is the rules. They have a defined bias that they do not approve takeaways within 400m of a school. Logic and common sense are not required for the interpretation of these rules and that is lucky because councils don't use either anyway.

JuliaM said...

Good point.