Saturday, 20 May 2017

Repeat After Me: No More Legislation....

A spokeswoman for the charity said: “Dogs Trust is concerned to hear that dog attacks in Suffolk and Essex are on the rise, but believes demonising certain breeds is not the answer, and that there is a vital need to overhaul the existing dangerous dog legislation.
It just has been overhauled....
“One of the biggest failures of the Dangerous Dog Act is the emphasis on breed-specific legislation. Dogs Trust believes in deed not breed.”
So do lots of idiots, apparently....

But it can't have escaped anyone's notice that a chihuahua is much less of a threat to life and limb than these creatures.
A spokesman for Essex Police said the force treated reports “very seriously” and would fully investigate each incident, with action taken against the owner if a crime had been committed.
*hollow laughter*
Pc Emma Grosvenor, dog legislation officer for Suffolk Constabulary, said: “We receive occasional reports of incidents involving dogs.
“Each case is judged on its merits and if called to an incident we would assess whether the dog was a danger to the public or an illegal breed and take the appropriate action.”
Which is usually the square root of sod all, until the injured parties start a social media fire under you.


MTG said...

Inaction syndrome and porcine excrement density are the root problems, Julia.

Anonymous said...

What is a dog legislation officer?

JuliaM said...

"What is a dog legislation officer?"

Someone who can't handle the faced-paced world of shoplifters and drunks?