Wednesday, 24 May 2017


The Basildon cabbie, who wishes to remain anonymous, picked up two young children at Basildon Station at 9.30pm on Monday night.
The terrifying incident happened after he dropped them in Oak Lane, off Gardiners Way, where the driver of a Nissan Juke blinded him with full beams as about six people hurled missiles at the cab.
He said: “I suddenly couldn’t see a thing, and I heard these missiles raining down on me from behind the vehicle as six shadowy figures threw rocks and metal objects at the car. There was music blaring.
“I don’t know why it happened, I haven’t been involved in any altercations. The children paid up and ran off looking terrified.
“It was scary. I quickly did a three-point turn and raced away at 40mph while the people in the Nissan chased me, but I managed to get away.
Sounds horrifying.
Essex Police will be carrying out an investigation into the senseless attack.
Whew! I know this would make me feel ever so much safer...

But what sort of people are they? Can the comments shed any light?

Aha! That's what we call 'a clue'.

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Sgt Albert Hall said...

Nisan Juke? A real gangsta motor.

Borrowed from one of the mums perhaps!

JuliaM said...