Friday, 21 December 2018

Hopefully Because Someone Knocked His Teeth Down His Throat...

The 52-year-old denied harassing the couple, but was convicted in absence after he failed to turn up for trial because he is in Turkey having private dental work.
He's a wrong 'un through and through....
Miller has had previous run-ins with the law for clamping people's cars. He once clamped a woman who was in the process of completing a three-point turn.
But he'll pay as much attention to this latest sentence as he did to the others:
The self-employed builder was convicted in his absence of harassment between June 2009 and January this year, and failing to comply with a community protection notice by not removing junk from the alleyway.
Magistrate Ruth Dash issued a warrant for his arrest after being told he had been convicted for a separate harassment charge. He is facing six to eight weeks' jail for that offence.
It should be six to eight weeks hard labour. On bread and water. 


Ted Treen said...

Seems like this obnoxious would-be Ronnie Kray needs a sharp put-down: if it doesn't learn, then have it put down - by a vet.

JuliaM said...

I think I'll be seeing him again in court reports. Hopefully one from the coroner.