Friday, 14 December 2018

When It's Better To Be Raided Than Cause Offence...

A hooded assailant wearing a face mask, dark glasses and gloves was allowed to rob a bank because the manager of the branch was scared of offending him.
Manager Gemma Hughes only asked whether she could help him as he stood in line and was worried about causing offence about a potential skin condition.

Still, I'm sure the bank will be full of excuses for why this outcome wasn't really their faul..

Oh, wait! They don't have to. The judge is happy to do that for them:
Judge Prince said he did not want to criticise the bank for their actions, he said: 'Whilst it might be understandable not to want to offend someone with a skin condition, such were the circumstances here it is perhaps only due to time constraints on staff in the bank that a lot more was not done to spare Victoria Smith from the situation that arose.
'She was left to face him one to one over the counter and was left in fear as to what might happen.'
They had more concern for the prospect of causing offence than the prospect of their staff being harmed. Let that sink in.
Ms Smith had spent months off work and was only just in the process of returning, the court heard.
Her statement revealed she has had nightmares about the incident with Jones.
Find another job, Ms Smith. One where idiotic identity politics doesn't trump common sense and concern for your safety.


Bloke in Germany said...

The real news is that there is a bank branch where the staff wanted to help someone.

Mind you, I think they were just being fair and inclusive. Can you imagine them ever asking one the vibrant face-coverers to show their faces? Or, would that be "offensive"?

JuliaM said...

Actually, my local HSBC always has a hovering young chap in a M&S suit waiting for someone to meed assistance. When I've been in there, hardly anyone ever does!

And no, a burkha wearer would be even more off limits!