Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Perhaps Instead Of Retrievers And Labradors...

...they should start training up pitbulls? Or Caucasian Shepherds!
On November 28, Jolene and Zena sat in priority seats, leaving the wheelchair and buggy section of bus 8a from Laindon free.
Two ladies boarded with their prams, followed by another lady.
Reader, that was no lady.
During this time she ran over Zena and wouldn’t move the pram off her.
There really are no words...
Jolene said: “She was asked to move it back and be careful, but she did the same thing again and was more insistent on getting her pram past. In doing so she hit me and ran Zena over again and left the pram resting on Zena.”
And no-one else on the bus 'had words' with this ghastly creature? What the hell has happened to Essex?

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