Friday, 14 December 2018

They Aren't 'Fit And Proper' To Live Amongst Humans...

Laura Sayce, of Starcliffe Street, pinned Stephanie Heywood against a wall and hit her around the head, while Sayce’s partner Michael Hardman watched on.
Sayce and Hardman’s pet dog then also attacked Ms Heywood, scratching her back and ragging her arm.
The incident occurred when Ms Heywood heard a disturbance outside her house on February 19 of this year, and was said to be concerned for the wellbeing of her cat. She claimed when she headed outside, she saw that her cat had been cornered by a dog belonging to the couple.
The dog, which is a Labrador crossed with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Ed: otherwise known as a pitbull-type...), unsuccessfully attempted to grab the tail of Ms Heywood’s cat, which managed to run away.
So, to sum up, violent underclass scum allow their dangerous dog to terrorise the neighbourhood and assault anyone who objects. Bang up the owners and destroy the dog. Case closed.

Woah, not so fast! This is the English 'justice system', after all. That cannot possibly be allowed to be the answer.

Let's see it in action.
Mr Ronay, defending Sayce, described the incident as “an ugly event” but said its one that is “extremely unlikely to happen again”.
He described Sayce as a nervous lady, who has difficulty dealing with stressful situations, and suffers from learning difficulties including dyslexia and dyspraxia.
She's the victim here, you insensitive brutes!
A dog expert said the dog was not dangerous and that the owners were both “fit and proper”.
Poor Fang! How could anyone consider him dangerous!
Defending Hardman, Elizabeth Evans said the couple had already taken steps to make the dog less of a threat, including buying a harness. She added that they were also saving to buy a muzzle and install a gate.
See? They are responsible dog owners, prepared to pay the enormous sums it costs to buy dog equipment!
Passing sentence for possessing a dangerous dog out of control, and common assault, Judge Timothy Stead issued both defendants with nine month community orders and 20 day rehabilitation activity requirements.
Mr Stead also issued a contingent destruction order for the dog, meaning it will have to be on a lead and muzzled at all times, when in a public place.
There! That's the outcome the public really needs to see. Isn't it?

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