Monday, 31 December 2018

Quote Of The Month

Bucko on the modern day human shield effect:
"It seems like Blackburn have the problem licked. It won't stay licked if it causes an influx of homeless from other boroughs
Cllr Julie Gunn added: “As an authority we need to try and protect these vulnerable people because at the bottom of it all is a real person with real needs.”
This is how we created an entire generation of underclass chavs; by agreeing to pay benefits for every child they have, because it's 'not the child's fault'. Now is the time to get tough with the homeless policy. It peoples own councils won't or are unable to help, we should not start making them our problem"
And DumbJon on the reaction to the Gatwick Flap:
"A vote of thanks too for the Umanrites industry. Yes, it *is* true that it's perfectly legal for police officers to destroy the lives of innocent citizens without even basic due diligence, and that just about sums it up how useful the Human Rights Act is for real people.
Come to think of it, this point applies to pretty much the whole left. Innocent citizens have been subject to a home invasion, abducted and had their property trashed, and the left claims this shows how we need to clamp down on the people *reporting* on this. To put it at its mildest: overpaid thugs in blue victimising the innocent is not a convincing case against a free press."

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