Monday, 17 December 2018

Well, If You Watched 'Inside The Ambulance', You'd Know...

One shopper heavily criticised the ambulance service.
He said: "That's absolutely awful he waited that long in the rain and cold.
"I want answers for this guy its not fair.
"I think it's disgusting- where are the ambulances."
...they are too busy dealing with mental cases, drunks and drug addicts!

Not to mention people who are fully able to get to A&E under their own steam, but feel entitled to a big yellow taxi.


Stewart Cowan said...

Rather unfair! Are the mentally ill somehow second class citizens?

I'm half way through reading Chris Snowdon's IEA report, "Alcohol and the Public Purse: Do drinkers pay their way?" and it seems that they not only pay their way through excessive taxation, but subsidise teetotalers.

My own view is that the NHS is deliberately kept substandard, so people are kept waiting anyway.

JuliaM said...

"Are the mentally ill somehow second class citizens?"

The genuinely mentally ill should have the refuge of the old sanitariums. But they were abolished on 'humane' grounds, it being more humane to let them fend for themselves, apparently.

But most of what is classed as 'mental illness' these days is merely character flaws.