Friday, 7 December 2018

Laying The Blame On Everyone Else....

Concerns about the speed of the lorry and the driver’s visibility were raised by her family during the hearing.
The student’s family - who said they were “broken” by her death - also raised questions about measures put in place by the bonfire society organising the event and of the company which owns the lorry, Maritime Transport.
I'm not entirely sure why it's any of these people's responsibility to make sure their daughter didn't drink herself into a stupor.
Reports found she had a “significant blood alcohol level” of 194mg per 100ml of blood in her system and would have been “severely intoxicated”.
Sussex Police forensic collision investigator Julian Taylor said the size of the vehicle meant speed would make little difference if it hit a pedestrian and it would have been hard for any driver to avoid the crash.
Marks on the lorry were consistent with the theory she had been lying down at the time of the crash but Mr Taylor said he “could not explain” why she was in the road.
I think we all can, can't we?

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