Thursday, 6 December 2018

Coming Over Here...

...doing the jobs our own psychos won't do:
Alejandro Cuenca, described as extremely dangerous by a judge, was released under investigation after climbing through a window to attack the girl as she slept.
The girl was 12 years old. And that wasn't enough to hold a dangerous sex predator on remand?
Sussex police released him under investigation and two months later he struck again. He broke into the home of a woman and attacked her as she changed out of her work clothes.
He pleaded guilty to four charges in February. Sentencing was delayed while he was assessed by experts at a secure hospital in Kent.
Because he's not a criminal. He's 'unwell'.
Dr Jonathan Pyott from the Trevor Gibbens unit near Maidstone, Kent, said there was a clear diagnosis of schizophrenia and Cuenca showed violent sexual compulsion. He was asked to assess Cuenca before the sentencing hearing.
“We believe he had been unwell for some years,” the doctor said. “A long course of treatment will be required.”
And as he's presumably a British subject, despite the name, we'll be paying for that, I suppose?
Born in Spain, Cuenca spent years living in Ecuador before moving to the UK.
Thanks, EU. It always helps to be reminded why I voted 'Leave'.

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