Wednesday, 3 July 2019

"The Crown Prosecution Service are deciding whether to prosecute the boy for this attack. "

What on earth is there to decide?
The boy had been convicted of two rapes just days after allegedly attacking the girl in the restroom of a secondary school in spring last year, her father said in a report by The Times.
The girl's father has also expressed his anger at how the school handled the situation and for allowing the boy to be in school without supervision despite his convictions.
And you'll never be allowed to know who this boy is, or even which school this was. Because the State values his 'privacy' above your children's safety.
The girl’s parents also approached Ofsted, who first told the couple they could not help because they inspect schools rather than look into complaints.
The government education watchdog has since apologised in a letter to the family for their insensitivity.
In the letter, Ofsted said that they downgraded the school's safeguarding adding that it was not effective and deemed as inadequate.
Ya think?!?


Anonymous said...

I find it difficult to imagine that the girls' (note plural) families don't know who he is, and as a result, I wondow how much longer he will enjoy the use of his testicles.

JuliaM said...

"...and as a result, I wondow how much longer he will enjoy the use of his testicles."

Sadly, he's probably afforded all the protection the girls weren't...

"...apologise to all those child groomers who were not involved in this, this time."

When you hear hoofbeats, don't think 'zebras'.