Friday 12 July 2019

The Only Time Essex Police Work Fast..!

Essex Police were called shortly after 2.30pm on Friday, but by 3.36pm, the centre had received an email saying no further action would be taken. when they are trying to get out of doing any, clearly.

But maybe I'm being too harsh. Maybe this wasn't a very concerning crime?
Kaira Barnes, 20, was working at Artability - an activity centre in Rayleigh Road, Eastwood, providing support for adults with learning difficulties - when two women entered and stole her phone and purse after attacking her.
Now, the community of Eastwood has raised more than £1,500 to boost security in the area.
Hopefully, by sacking a few lazy blue-clad backsides in the Essex Farce...

But there may be another reason for their lack of enthusiasm about this crime:
Kaira said: “The two women, one of whom was pregnant, walked in and shoved a pen and paper in my face.
“They said ‘post code’ so I got my phone out and brought up maps then called down another member of staff to help the service users.”
Kaira said the women then began looking at the jewellery and other works of art the centre sells before they cornered her in the kitchen.
“One of them started laughing and put a tea cosy over my head as some kind of distraction. It was quite a large one so covered my face and she then grabbed my phone.
“She also made off with my bank cards and my ID.”
Hmmm. They don't sound as if English was their first language, do they?
“It was really frightening. I just froze. I didn’t really know what was going on.
“I had two vulnerable adults with me and they were really upset.
“One of the women barged one of them out of the way on her way out of the centre which was really upsetting for him.”
But I guess Essex Police weighed up the issue of vulnerable learning disabled people and possible Eastern European criminals and decided political correctness and avoiding more people realising what a shithole Essex is becoming won out...
After reports of the incident went viral on social media, former council candidate Kimberly O’Connor launched a Go Fund Me to help improve security.
By installing CCTV. So next time, Essex Farce will have images to ignore as well.


Mr Womby said...

Don’t bother with the CCTV, buy a couple of tasers.

Anonymous said...

From the information available, it appears the offence was robbery, a much more serious offence than plain theft, in that an assault took place before or during the theft. Rather than gofundme being used to provide more security, it may be better used in suing the Chief Constable, as it is assumed that any action by Police officers is with his/her implied knowledge and permission. A summons landing on the Chief's desk may just concentrate the mind somewhat.

staybryte said...

God help me I would cheerfully hang people who commit a robbery at a daycare centre for adults with learning disabilities.

JuliaM said...

" a couple of tasers."

Sadly illegal. Which just means the criminals themselves are more likely to have them.

"Rather than gofundme being used to provide more security, it may be better used in suing the Chief Constable..."

Now, there's an idea!

"...I would cheerfully hang people who commit a robbery at a daycare centre..."

Hang them? We won't even be able to deport them should the incompetents at Essex Farce ever actually catch them!