Wednesday 24 July 2019

What Do You Mean, 'If'...?

Ronnie Tretton, 34, appeared at Basildon Crown Court on Friday where he admitted burglary after he stole a gold watch worth £880 from a house in Woodside, Leigh, on May 23.
With this latest incident, Tretton now has 100 offences from 38 convictions, dating all the way back 24 years to his first offence in 1995 when he was just ten-years-old.
Well, with a record like that, at least he's going straight to j...
Judge Samantha Leigh...
Oh. Bugger!
...stated that Tretton’s victim had been left shaken by the incident and that they were now feeling vulnerable in their own home after someone had trespassed.
Yet Judge Leigh chose to defer the sentencing hearing and allow Tretton out on conditional bail, meaning he must not go near Woodside, Leigh.
Until then he must obey the terms of his licence conditions.
Yeah, what are the odds he won't, eh?
Judge Samantha Leigh gave Tretton a warning that if he reverts to his old ways whilst on bail he could face time in prison once again.
Errr, I think the 'if' is redundant. Like you should be.
“We will come back on September 27.
“If you have fully complied with the terms of your licence I will hand out another sentence, but if you haven’t, and you have strayed back into your old ways I will not.
Place your bets!


Flaxen Saxon said...

We have to recognise that some folk are irredeemable and not fit to live in society. Lock him up until he expires.

JuliaM said...

"We have to recognise that some folk are irredeemable and not fit to live in society. "

Yes, it's about time she was removed fr...

Oh. You were talking about the perp. My bad!

Flaxen Saxon said...

Naughty, naughty.....