Tuesday 9 July 2019

"The #CompoTrain Is Now Leaving The Station..."

"...please will all racehustlers, shyster lawyers and local politicians eager to curry favour take their seats."
Anab Ture, Shukri’s aunt, told the Guardian that her sister had brought her children to the UK to escape the civil war in Somalia and find safety.
“She came here for a better life. We want a thorough investigation to be conducted and for the police to work with us.
The police aren't supposed to 'work with' anyone, they are supposed to investigate crimes.
She paid tribute to a “good girl”, who helped look after her four younger siblings and support her mother.
“She wanted to become a doctor, she loved helping people.”
She added: “I want to make sure the family’s voice is heard.”
Family voices are sometimes heard. And sometimes not.
Members of the local community and anti-racist campaigners led chants of “Shukri’s life mattered” and held a banner saying “justice for Shukri Abdi”.
Justice is sometimes hard to find. I don't recall the local Somali community getting up on their hind legs and screeching about 'injustice' when Mariam's bullies walked free, do you?
Greater Manchester police continue to say that they found no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.
Note that phrasing - they 'continue to say'. It's almost as if the 'Guardian' believes that's somehow in the teeth of evidence to the contrary...
“She had been telling us of the bullying for months. We want the police to listen.”
Maz Saleem, an anti-racist campaigner, vowed that protests would continue until the community felt justice had been done.
Which 'community' is he talking about..?


DJ said...

As with the National Theater in the post below, I got no sympathy. The Filth & the educrats have spent years pandering to these people - and years claiming to be chasing mythical right-wing extremists - now the chickens have come home to roost.

Hell, I say sauce for the goose: remember, it's a racial incident if someone says it is, so clearly the school and the police are racistly racist and everyone within a country mile of this case should be arrested, charged and held on bail for months on end. If the charges are dropped in 18 months time, that just proves the system works.

JuliaM said...

"... now the chickens have come home to roost. "

Those aren't chickens. They look a lot more like vultures to me.