Saturday 20 July 2019

U OK Hun...?

It is believed the cyber criminals got access to the Met's 'MyNewsdesk' application, which automatically pushes messages out across email and their twitter feeds.
You'd have to have a heart of stone, wouldn't you? But wait, it seems outsourcing was the real issue!
In a statement issued some two hours after the hack, Scotland Yard said: 'The Met Police Press Bureau uses an online provider called MyNewsDesk to issue news releases and other content. When a story is published via MyNewsDesk, it appears on the Met’s website and Twitter accounts and generates an email to those who’ve subscribed to receive our news updates.
'While we are still working to establish exactly what happened, we have begun making changes to our access arrangements to MyNewsDesk.
What, you changed it from 'Pa$$word' to something else...?
'At this stage, we are confident the only security issue relates to access to our MyNewsDesk account.
'There has been no "hack" of the Met Police’s own IT infrastructure.
'We are assessing to establish what criminal offences have been committed.'
Don't you know...?

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