Friday 12 July 2019

Time To Take Dear Old Auntie To Court...

Via CJ Nerd, news of a crowdfunding project:
Enough is enough. That is why a judicial review process is being launched today. The goal is to push the Corporation towards becoming much more robust, transparent and equitable in meeting its fundamental requirement to be impartial.
Such cases are complex because the law is itself hugely complicated. But the action is cleverly pitched by the barristers who have framed it. The focus is not on the thousands of individual cases of bias that News-watch has exposed – that would be a fool’s errand in the courts. They are, though, part of the supporting evidence. Rather, the attack is on the BBC’s internal processes for ensuring impartiality. Put bluntly, they are simply not fit for purpose.
A very worthy cause.


CJ Nerd said...

The initial target has been reached, so legal action will start soon. More will be needed, of course, because the BBC has deep pockets.

Progress/donation page is here:

JuliaM said...