Saturday, 17 April 2021

Always Playing The Victim Card...

Maz Saleem said of her father’s murder: “This was one of the biggest acts of terrorism on UK soil.”


The murder of one elderly man (and yes, I'm sure it's devastating for his family) is bigger than the Hyde Park bombing, or 7/7, or Canary Wharf, or Warrington, or Borough Market, or...

I could go on. And on, and on...

“Yet to this day most people have no idea about this case. Whenever terror-related headlines reach our screens they are often about those who identify with the Muslim faith; rarely do we hear of the merciless violence of white supremacists who took my father’s life.”

Well, yes. That's true. Because they aren't as common as Muslim terrorist atrocities. 

“An important start would be for the official, legal recognition of Islamophobia to finally be adopted by our government. Ignoring Islamophobia as a category is disrespectful to all these brutal killings of Muslims, it weakens the justice for family members left mourning,” his daughter said.

Disrespect? What, like attempting to withdraw donations made to a murdered girl because she was the wrong flavour of Islam? And what will you do when the tag of 'Islamaphobia' is applied to one of these types of killing?

These people see themselves as perpetual victims, aided and abetted by progressive idiots in the media.  


Anonymous said...

Is this: "For years, the rivalry between Sunni and Shitte Muslims ..." a typo or intentional?
(From the Aya Hachem article).

Why is Islam like British weather?

Because when it isn't Sunny it's Shite

Michael said...

As you correctly state, the murder was a tragedy but to inflate it into "The worst terrorist incident" simply beggars belief as to just how entitled these islamics now feel. Mass murder, Child Rape, Electoral corruption are to be accepted as "diversity"? When islam is in a minority they are quick to demand their rights be protected but come the time when they from a majority, there are no surviving minorities to claim the same.

Just Trevor said...

Mohammedans should be put in charge of the dairy industry. They're experts at milking it.

Anonymous said...

One answer would be to get out of UK by any means possible, its obviously much to corrupt a place to live in. Many of the racist whites would probably chip in for your ticket back to whichever paradise you came from.

JuliaM said...

"... a typo or intentional?"

*innocent face*

"...simply beggars belief as to just how entitled these islamics now feel. "

They've been emboldened to feel this way, haven't they?

"They're experts at milking it."


"One answer would be to get out of UK by any means possible..."

If only...