Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Question: What's The Fastest Car In The World?

Let's ask Mahwise Rani's mouthpiece:

John O'Higgins, defending, said 'She was driving home to Nottingham from Birmingham. 'She was driving a courtesy car. She had no reason to hurry. She drove too fast but can not explain why. She should have slowed down.'

Well, yes. Certainly after she'd hit her victim, slowed down to a dead stop! 

'She can not explain her failure to stop other than shock or panic. She is devastated by what she has done. She is much loved by her friends and family for acts of kindness and generosity of spirit.'

Is that supposed to excuse her fleeing the scene and having to be brought to a stop by other drivers? 


Anonymous said...

Isn't this a racially aggravated crime?

JuliaM said...

"Isn't this a racially aggravated crime?"

I doubt at that speed she had the time to clock skin colour!