Saturday, 3 April 2021

And Where Do They Come From, If Not 'Safety', Maddie?

News that Priti Patel is finally trying to do something about the asylum-shoppers has upset all the right people:
“We should be assessing people’s need for protection based on their case, not creating a two-tiered system of ‘deserved’ and ‘undeserved’ refugees on the basis of the risks they are forced to take to reach safety,” says Maddie Harris, who helped set up Channel Rescue and works for the Humans for Rights Network.

'Reach safety' from where? Calais? 

Who knew there was still a war on over there..? 

Joe explains that volunteers “keep an eye on Border Force, to make sure they fulfil their legal duty of providing safety for people trying to cross. We observe through spotting scopes in 15-minute shifts.” If they see a migrant boat in the water, they alert the RNLI or coastguards. If they see Border Force intercepting a migrant boat, they note coordinates, timings, which BF vessels are involved, and any human interaction they can see. Everything is then logged securely, “in case that information is required later, for example, in a court of law”.

Nice of them to collect information for the eventual deportation case, eh?  

Currently, due to the pandemic, all the observers live in this corner of the Kent coast, less hardened activists and more concerned local residents. Technical and legal training is provided over Zoom, by activists with expertise in seafaring, first aid and human rights. Each volunteer is also vetted, to mitigate the threat of infiltration, which has already happened.

Heh! By whom? Oh, of course - 'right wingers'.  

Charlotte, 40, is a working single parent from Folkestone and has volunteered for Channel Rescue since late 2020. For her, it is as much about bearing witness as accountability. “It’s a local welcome, as well as a British welcome. It counters the local arguments about people arriving. I don’t know whether you are aware of local opinions on social media …”

Let me guess. They aren't 100% supportive of you Open Borders crazies..? 

Charlotte describes them best as “a visible unwelcome”. On his public Facebook profile, a local man, for instance, gives daily updates on Border Force activity. A post from 9 January reads: “My count were [sic] up to five boats now so roughly 50 migrants. I’m still out on patrol just in case.” In the comments, frustration is often directed at the home secretary: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THIS PRITI PATHETIC.” The same anti-migrant sentiment is rife on neighbourhood social media pages.

I wonder what they say about this group? 

An asylum seeker housed in the area explains how seeing anti-migrant comments online left them feeling. “There are a lot of racist people there, they broke me … now Folkestone is like hell for me.”

Well, the return trip to Calais will be a lot easier, I'm sure. Off you go! 


Squires said...

“Who knew there was still a war on over there..?”

There is and the French are losing it. Wake me when Reconquista II begins.

“There are a lot of racist people there, they broke me … now Folkestone is like hell for me.”

Two words: Punt guns.

Anonymous said...

Patel is making all the right noises but I have heard it all before, she will actually do next to nothing. This little show is all about raising her own profile and that is all its about, in 6 months time everything will just as bad as it is now.

Stonyground said...

My country is a bit of a craphole, I have decided to set out into the world to find a better life. Where in the world should I go? I know, I'll go to the UK where there is institutional racism and universal loathing of foreigners.

Scrobs. said...

I don't know if The Travel Club is still operating, but a return trip to Calais used to be six quid, and the return journey clinked in the boot with merry abandon!

So allowing for inflation, a tenner should see to any returns!

Dr Evil said...

Border force should be armed, trained and should turn these economic migrants around at gun point. They should be towed back if possible or taken back and kicked of the boats on the French coast. They are not our problem. the rest should just be kicked out too.

JuliaM said...

"There is and the French are losing it."

Well, they had their chance, and chose...Macron!?

"Patel is making all the right noises but I have heard it all before, she will actually do next to nothing. "

There is a very big gulf between words and deeds, isn't there?

"So allowing for inflation, a tenner should see to any returns!"

Give them a fiver and let them swim ashore!

"Border force should be armed..."

They seem capable of shooting themselves in both feet as it is!